Best Way to Extract Attachment from EML Files in Bulk

Summary: There are multiple users who regularly search for the instant solution to export attachments from EML files. So, In this article we are going to discuss the technique to extract attachments from EML files in bulk. 

Many email clients like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail etc. used EML to store email messages. The EML file stores a single email message in a file. Sometimes, users want to export attachments from EML files for various purposes. To understand this issue we consider a user query.

Hello! I am an employee in an organization. My Manager sent me many EML files and  told me to extract the attachments from EML files. But, exporting attachments one by one is a lengthy process. Is there any effective way to extract attachments in bulk? Please suggest a secure and reliable solution.


How to Export Attachments from EML Files in Bulk? Direct Method

There are multiple professional approaches available but choosing the best technique is a typical task. However, Xtraxtor EML Attachment Extractor is a secure and efficient way to extract attachments from EML files. The software has been developed with an advanced algorithm such that it has a comprehensive and simple interface.  It maintains 100% data integrity during the extraction process. 

Besides this, you do not require to install any other application to perform the process. The software provides advanced search and filter options to save attachments from any specific email. It also provides a preview option to view the data before the extraction process. You can run this tool on any version of Windows OS.

Steps to Extract Attachments from EML Files using Professional Tool

Step 1. Download and Run Xtraxtor EML Attachment Extractor on your system

Step 2. Now, Click on Open and Go to Email Data Files


Step 3. Then, Click on EML Files and choose file or folders


Step 4. After that, Click on Extract and select Attachments option


Step 5. At last, Click on Save button to save the resultant files

Benefits of Xtraxtor EML Attachment Extractor

The software has many benefits that help you to extract attachments from EML files. Some of them are given below-

  • The software is capable of exporting all attachments at once without losing any data. Using this tool you can extract selective or multiple attachments as per your needs.

  • There are no restrictions on file size or number of files. It is able to save attachments from a large or unlimited number of EML files with complete accuracy.

  • Xtraxtor provides search and advanced filter options such as to, from, date, time,  bcc, content etc. If you do not want to save unnecessary attachments then filters help you. 

  • It also provides a preview option to view the data before the extraction process.

  • The software offers the facility to save the extracted data at your desired location. So that you can easily access it for further use.

  • The software is able to export email addresses from EML files. You do not need to purchase other products to extract email addresses from EML files.

  • The interface of this tool is very simple and easy to use. Any novice user can easily perform the process without any external guidance.

  • The best thing of this tool is that the customer service team is available 24 * 7 hours to answer your queries. If you have any doubts related to the product then you can contact the support team. They resolve your problem as soon as possible.

  • You can run this utility on any version of Windows Operating Systems. It supports Win 11, 10, 8 and previous versions also.


In this post we have discussed how to extract attachments from EML files in bulk. However, the above suggested tool is capable of exporting unlimited attachments at once with complete accuracy.

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