How to Create perfect survey using IVR Calling System

Calls have always been a significant part of customer service throughout history. Since they frequently have the first interaction with clients, they facilitate relationship development. So much so that, if done correctly, making a phone call can be a really pleasant experience.

When a customer has concerns or issues, they expect to be able to talk with a live professional directly. By forwarding calls to the right party, the IVR calling system can enhance customer service, or it can be used to offer clients specific goods and services.

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) survey is a type of survey that allows participants to respond to questions via a phone call, using their touch-tone keypad or voice commands. To create a perfect IVR survey, follow these steps:

1. Define the research objective 

Before creating the survey, it is important to clearly define the research objective and the target population for the survey. This will help you create a survey that is tailored to your specific needs. For example, if you want to understand customer satisfaction levels, your target population would be current customers. Additionally, you should also consider the goals you want to achieve with the survey, such as identifying areas for improvement or gathering feedback.

2. Design the survey questions

Carefully design the survey questions to ensure they are clear, concise, and relevant to the research objective. Avoid asking leading or biased questions, as they can influence the responses and skew the results. Try to use simple and direct language, and make sure the questions are easy to understand. It’s also important to keep the number of questions in the survey manageable, as too many questions can be overwhelming for participants.

3. Test the survey 

Before conducting the survey with the full sample, it is important to test the survey with a small group of people with ivr calling system to ensure that the questions are clear and easy to understand. This will also allow you to identify any issues with the survey and make any necessary revisions.

4. Choose an IVR service provider

To create an IVR survey, you will need to choose an IVR software that has experience in creating and conducting surveys. They can help you set up the system, program the survey, and provide technical support. It’s important to research different service providers and choose one that offers the features you need and is within your budget.

5. Create a script for the IVR survey 

Once you’ve chosen an IVR service provider, you will need to create a script for the IVR survey. The script should include an introduction, the survey questions, and any necessary instructions for the participants. Make sure the script is clear and easy to understand, and that the questions are in the correct order.

6. Set up the call list 

To conduct the survey, you will need to create a call list of the participants who will be taking the survey. The IVR service provider can help you set up the call list with the IVR calling system, and they can also provide tools to help you track and analyze the survey results.

7. Conduct the survey

Once the survey is set up, you can begin conducting the survey by calling the participants on the call list with ivr calling system. Be sure to record the responses, and analyze the data to see what insights it provides.

8. Share the results 

Share the results of the survey with the stakeholders, and use them to make decisions or take action based on the findings. It’s important to present the results in a clear and easy-to-understand format, and to provide recommendations or action plans based on the findings.

9. Review and improve

After conducting the survey, it’s important to review the survey process and make any necessary improvements for the next time you conduct the survey. This can include making changes to the survey questions, improving the survey design, or finding a new IVR service provider.


It’s also important to comply with legal and ethical standards while conducting the survey, such as providing an opt-out option, and ensuring the participants are informed and give their consent.

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