Industry-Focused Education: IIHM’s Strong Corporate Connections

The largest school chain and best college for hotel management in India is IIHM. Recognised by the economic times as the best education brand 2018. Gain the benefits of a dual degree exclusively at IIHM. It is the best globally connected institution in the world. Having MOUs with 24 prominent institutions worldwide. It was honoured with the 2016 ABP news brand excellence award in the hospitality Sector. It hosts the largest school student competition in India on national television, NDTV GoodTimes, and Food Food. With the courses in the several different specialisations, you can experience a transformational education. Students can enhance their talents, leadership qualities, and entrepreneurial spirit through a degree that integrates hospitality and business. It encourages people to start their careers in hospitality, retail, luxury, and travel by offering chances in the most exciting industries in the world!


Every successful person has a mysterious component that helps them reach the pinnacle of success. The magical factor for the majority of them is their college. Clearly, great leaders come from outstanding universities. Since IIHM is the Top Hotel Management Colleges in India and has produced outstanding worldwide leaders, it is clear that IIHM should be recognised as this country’s success hub. Every aspirant deserves the greatest education possible, which IIHM provides for its students in more ways than one.It now provides a wide range of courses, including B.A. courses, a bachelor’s degree in hotel management, hospitality management, tourism study, culinary arts, a diploma in hotel management and tourism management, and many others. Some of the best names in the global hotel business may be seen working with IIHM, the best management college, in respectable positions.


One of the bsc tourism and hospitality management in india, IIHM aims to give its students top-notch instruction and outstanding career chances in the hospitality sector both domestically and abroad. The best management setting IIHM is dedicated to giving its students the theoretical knowledge and real-world experience they need to have a solid foundation in their area of specialisation and practical skills. This makes it possible for individuals to find jobs in the sector and fulfil or surpass employers’ expectations. The IIHM members think that learning should take place in three steps. The first phase is thorough training to comprehend the why, sometimes known as theory. You can be more experimental and innovative if you know why you do something.

Demonstration and application make up phase two. Watch as a skilled chef demonstrates a procedure step-by-step using his years of knowledge. After that, you practise it with the chef’s supportive and nurturing guidance. The third stage, proficiency, is sometimes known as mastery. Our instructors will provide you with the time and one-on-one care you require to hone your abilities. The IIHM curriculum is extensive, demanding, and comprehensive. You can be confident that the abilities, information, and work ethics you acquired here will offer you a competitive edge for a successful career when you graduate.

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