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KA02 Assessment is a process through which the assessor assesses your knowledge in the applied discipline that is equivalent to Washington Accord accredited qualification. KA02 Assessment is mandatory for those engineering candidates who do not have a qualification that formally benchmarks to Washington Accord accredited qualification. Hence, you need to demonstrate you have a level of technical knowledge and understanding attained through your academic learning and work that is equivalent to Washington Accord accredited qualification. Engineering NZ is the assessor who assesses your knowledge through your KA02 application.

However, creating a KA02 application is a challenging job for engineering candidates which forces them to avail of KA02 services. If you want to avail of KA02 writing services, you must avail it from a reliable source. We at is one of the most trusted and satisfactory KA02 service providers in New Zealand. We provide you with plagiarism-free, errorless, and top-notch KA02 Writing Services for Engineering NZ at an affordable cost.

How Can You Complete Your Knowledge Assessment Perfect?

To apply to become a chartered member or chartered professional engineer in New Zealand, you need a complete the knowledge assessment and CPENG NZ. You must be eligible to complete the knowledge assessment to get success in KA02 for Immigration New Zealand. You have to prepare a compelling KA02 report for the knowledge assessment held by Engineering NZ. To complete the assessment process you have to go through the following stages:

  • Credential check

  • Preparation

  • Apply online

  • Validation

  • Evaluation

  • Decision

Steps To Create An Impressive KA02 Report For Engineering NZ-

  • You should illustrate 3-4 engineering activities or projects that you have been involved with.

  • You need to illustrate your knowledge in different areas that are known as elements. Write each element along with context statements and performance indicators.

  • You must write your material using first-person singular pronouns.

  • You must prepare a summary statement form, CV, and continuing professional development (CPD).

  • You should provide the actual samples of your work.

We at are the best KA02 Assessment and CPENG Assessment writing service providers in New Zealand and have won the trust of engineering aspirants from New Zealand.

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