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The Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency – Beginner Phase is a comprehensive course designed for students of all ages who are interested in learning the Sanskrit language. The program is divided into four 1.5-credit-hour quarters, spanning a total of 44 weeks or one year, with 120 hours of self-study and 60 hours of instruction. 

The course is structured as follows: 

  • Learn Sanskrit – Script & Sounds 

  • Learn Sanskrit Words and Vocabulary 

  • Learn Sanskrit –  Sentences and Comprehension 

  • Learn Sanskrit – Proverbs & Stories 

This beginner level course is the first of the three parts that make up the Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The course is suitable for high school students and adults who have no prior knowledge of the Sanskrit script or language. 

The program is taught in English through an online platform, making it accessible to students worldwide. It is a detailed 4-quarter course that helps beginners get to a level of comfort with the language, enabling them to move on to higher-level courses. 

The learning objectives of the course are to: 

– Introduce students to the Sanskrit script and sounds.

– Teach students Sanskrit words and vocabulary. 

– Help students understand simple Sanskrit sentences. 

– Familiarize students with Sanskrit proverbs and stories.

The course aims to provide students with the skills they need to read, write, and comprehend simple Sanskrit texts. Students will learn where the different sounds in Sanskrit come from, how to say and write the single vowels and consonants of the Sanskrit alphabet, and how to use them to make words. 

At the end of the course, students will be able to read and write short passages of simple prose in Devanagari and learn basic words. They will also have the skills they need to study Sanskrit further, including the ability to read and talk about simple things and mix and match words and phrases to make short stories. 

The program is taught by dedicated HUA Faculty members through live virtual classrooms, making it easy for students to participate from anywhere in the world. The curriculum and textbooks used in the program are created by Samskrita Bharati USA (, with the program based on the material in the SBusa books “Ayanam,” “SaariNee,” “Prapadya,” and “Supada,” as well as other relevant course content. 

Upon completion of the 4th quarter, students can move on to the intermediate phase of the Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency, which also lasts 4 quarters or 44 weeks. 

In summary, Learn Sanskrit: Certificate Program for Beginners is a comprehensive course designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of the Sanskrit language. The program is structured in four quarters, with a focus on building a strong foundation for students to progress to higher levels of study.

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