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This course is designed to introduce students to the Devanagari script and the concept of samyukta-akSharANi, or combined letters, in Sanskrit. The course will run for one quarter, consisting of 10 weeks with 1.5 hours of instruction per week, and will culminate in an exam during the 11th week. 

The course is structured using the curriculum and textbooks developed by Samskrita Bharati USA ( and is based on the SB-USA-published book, “PRAPADYA.” The curriculum is augmented with other appropriate course content. 

Students will learn the basics of Devanagari script through a series of exercises and activities that are designed to be easy to follow and understand. They will also learn about the different types of combined letters and how they can be used to create new words and phrases. 

One of the unique aspects of this course is the opportunity for students to create brief tales by combining words and phrases. Through these activities, students will be able to develop their skills in samyukta-akSharANi and gain a deeper understanding of the technique. 

In addition to learning about samyukta-akSharANi, students will also have the opportunity to engage in discussions and share their thoughts on various topics. The course is designed to be a collaborative learning experience, where students can learn from each other and build on their collective knowledge. 

The course is suitable for beginner-level students who are interested in learning Devanagari script and building a strong foundation for future studies. The curriculum includes listening and reading comprehension exercises to help students build their vocabulary and improve their reading skills. 

The course is taught by experienced teachers who have a deep understanding of the Devanagari script and years of experience teaching it to students. They will guide students through the course and provide feedback and support to help them succeed. 

By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of the Devanagari script and the concept of samyuktaakSharANi. They will also be well-prepared for future studies in Sanskrit.

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