Top 3 Kurti Styles for College & Office Goers

Wearing a kurti to college or the office motivates women so much that more women are going traditional in 2023. Kurtis are not only a representation of our culture and traditions, but they are also super comfortable to wear and carry throughout the day.

Colleges and kurtis have been related for decades. From Bollywood’s Main Hoon Na, which shows that kurtis are THE outfit to wear to impress anyone, to Karan Johar’s Student of the Year’s subtle reference to kurtis with comfort and modesty. Kurtis have been a part of our tradition for decades and don’t need an occasion to be worn.

3 kurtis that are perfect for college and office

Kurtis come in a variety of shapes, styles, designs, cuts, and fabrics. In essence, there are kurtis for nearly any and every occasion. Office and college life demand a certain level of sophistication when it comes to clothing. In addition to the restrictions that are standardized in these settings in India, kurtis need to feel comfortable throughout the day.

Some of the top 3 best kurti styles that are considered “everyday wear” include:

1.     Long Straight Kurti

The best fabric to be worn throughout the day for all body types would be cotton. Cotton kurtis are not only comfortable, but the fabric is breathable, making it possible for someone to wear a kurti throughout the day. Cotton kurtis can come with a variety of necklines, from a normal round or box neck to sweetheart necks.

Long straight kurtis, by design, is simple to look at and comfortable. These kurtis that come in a variety of colors and patterns are known as the go-to style of kurti to wear to formal places.

2.     Anarkali Kurti

Anarkalis are closer to the heel of a person than kurtis that are as long as below the knee. Anarkalis can be defined as longer kurtis. The distinctive feature of anarkalis is their flowy nature. These types of kurtis are comfortable to wear throughout the day. The flowy nature of the fabric and the design not only accentuate the body of the wearer but also makes it look elegant at the same time.

3.     Angrakha kurti

An old style of kurti that was commonly worn by musicians in a court, the Angrakha kurti is ideal to wear to college or the office. The kurti has flaps from the same pattern that are tied together. The kurti has a v-neck that can be adjusted according to the wearer’s wishes.

These kurtis come in a variety of colors and patterns, from vibrant colors to very subtle pastels. The best part about these kurtis is that they are quite different from the traditional kurtis that are worn. Wearing an Angrakha kurti in a formal setting is bound to get the attention of onlookers.

Learn more about how to slay ethnic wear at work here.

In Conclusion,

Wearing a kurti to work or university is one of the best decisions that anyone can make. In 2023, this is going to be a trend in women’s fashion. Traditional kurtis will make a big comeback this year, as more Indo-western designs emerge. Make sure to stock up on some of the best designs that are available for kurtis in your wardrobe from SM Creation before that!

Kurtis are designed to fit everyone, but some kurtis are specifically designed for a specific body type. Know more about how different kurtis are made for different body types and choose the one that best suits you! Make 2023 a fashion year, a year of feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes and in any setting. Kurtis are a great way to slay all day in the office and at work, so pick a style that suits you.

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