Top 7 Javascript Libraries For Data Science


The NPM repository includes many fascinating, fully accessible projects and packages for JavaScript development that you might find helpful in your projects.

Here, we’ll go through 7 NPM or JavaScript data science libraries that developers and data scientists can use to modify, visualize, and perform machine learning. Also, do check out the data science course in Mumbai, to learn the in-demand skills and gain hands-on experience.


  1. D3.Javascript

Various JavaScript data science tools called D3 allow you to edit data and create unique data visualizations via HTML, CSS, and SVG. Using the document object model, D3 may join documents and change them based on specifications. For data analysis, D3 offers a wide range of graph types, including scatterplots, histograms, hierarchies like treemaps, networks like chard graphs, and conventional graphs like line graphs, graphical representations, and pie charts. Moreover, animated Venn diagrams, zoomable data points, bar chart competitions, and more are available.

  1. Sigma.JavaScript

Data visualization relies heavily on graphs, which is why sigma.js places a particular emphasis on creating them. It offers features that make it simple to visualize charts and upload them to websites. Sigma.js provides options like mouse and input support, bespoke rendering, and enhanced accessibility in addition to Canvas and WebGL compatibility. You have complete control over changing data, moving cameras, listening to events, and rendering. A dynamic layer you may include in your graphic.

  1. Chart.Javascript

An interactive JavaScript charting toolkit called Chart.js offers eight different forms of detailed charts, including all the usual varieties like bar charts, data tables, histograms, scatter plots, error plots, and more. You can combine any of these charts to build customizable and animated mixed charts. All web browsers can draw charts cleanly, and Chart.js resizes charts to fit the available screen space. If you require a timeline, you can combine all of the graphs in this package with the Moment.js library.


  1. Tidy.Javascript

A data-wrangling library called tidy.js was created using JavaScript’s fundamentals. When altering data in JavaScript programs, here is the place to start. If you are familiar with JavaScript objects and arrays, learning this library will go more smoothly.


  1. Apache Arrow

In order to facilitate deserializing data from huge clusters of file types into in-memory solutions like the Pandas framework in Python easier, this project aims to build Arrow technology. This is simpler and quicker than the alternatives.


  1. Cytoscape.Javascript

A complete JavaScript library of chart analysis is called Cytoscape. With the help of this little-known package, programmers can display their data in the browser in a distinctive way. The typical movements found in a visualization library include pinch to scale, box choice, and pan. Supports applications for both mobile and web.


  1. TensorFlow.Javascript

Most people working in the software sector are familiar with the TensorFlow library. JavaScript is now a supported language for Tensorflow. It enables programmers to create models that use machine learning using a web browser or via Node on the server’s backend. 


I hope these 7 javascript libraries were useful for your data science career. Mastering all of them is not necessary, however, a slight knowledge will make your tasks easier. Head over to an IBM-accredited data science certification course in Mumbai, if you want to learn everything from the ground up with the help of mentors. 

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