What is Staff Augmentation? A Successful Model to Expand Your Team



Amidst the scarcity of talent in today’s world, the search for the perfect candidate remains a daunting challenge. While there are those with impressive qualifications and extensive experience, the alignment of skills and timing often remains elusive.

In such scenarios, a staff augmentation solutions emerges as a compelling alternative, swiftly bridging the gap between project demands and the intricacies of the hiring process, ensuring seamless progress even in the face of staffing obstacles.


In the dynamic world of IT, Sphinx Strategies understands that finding individuals with specialized skill sets can be a global challenge. Often, the perfect talent might not be readily available in your city or even your country. In such critical scenarios, staff augmentation emerges as the ultimate solution, allowing you to swiftly bolster your team with experts from across borders, ensuring your project’s success while mitigating potential risks.


Staff Augmentation

But being a buzzword, staff augmentation doesn’t come sans the misconceptions.

And to make sure you make use of this proven successful model to expand your team in the right way, here is all that you need to know.

What is Staff Augmentation?

The basic question doesn’t actually begin with “what is staff augmentation?

You need to start by understanding what augmentation is.

The dictionary definition states that augmentation refers to the act/process of making something large or bigger


It is important to note that when we talk about staff augmentation, it no doubt gives you access to a larger team, but it is not limited to an increase in headcount.


Besides the need for more hands-on projects, you sometimes need specific skills and relevant experience. And you need to mitigate the cost considerations of internal hiring as well

In all these situations, staff augmentation can be your one-stop solution.

In essence, staff augmentation meaning can be summed up as an extremely flexible outsourcing strategy.


The flexibility is three-folds:

  1. You can hire and fire as per your needs.

  2. You get a rich, global talent pool to choose from. You don’t have to stay limited to the local talent.

  3. You can put a cap on your expenditure and cut down on regular hiring costs.

Staff augmentation, however, is often confused with some other formats of outsourced hiring too.

Staff Augmentation vs. Managed Services

You’ll probably find lists and lists telling you the technical differences between staff augmentation and managed services.


But that is often vague and unclear when you actually have to make a choice.

Let me explain this to you with an example.


Say you have a project that requires experts from a certain specialization. The project duration is around 6 months and you want to start working on the project at the earliest. To add to your woes, your local market does not have the manpower options that you seek.

What should you do? Go for staff augmentation.


But, if you aim to start offering a certain technical service in the long run, you need to look beyond staff augmentation.

Fluctuation personnel needs + Unavailability of required resources in local markets + cost saving = staff augmentation. 

Specific personnel needs for the long run + Unavailability of required resources in local markets + long term cost saving = managed services.

IT staff augmentation is best suited when you have short term, fluctuating needs. For capacity enhancements that need to continue over a considerably long term, managed services are what you might need.

In staff augmentation, you handle the team. And with managed services your service provider manages the team and you are just concerned with the end services. Irrespective of who in the team offers it and how.

What does Staff Augmentation offer for Your Business?

Staff augmentation is like a Genie. It comes bearing gifts that you want from it.

Every business benefits from staff augmentation in a different way.

The most common use-case based benefits that your company can draw from staff augmentation include-

Tap Opportunities at the Right Time

You need people to start working on a project now, not after six months of talent hunt. Or even a month might seem too late to begin. Staff augmentation can help you hire faster. And get started at the earliest.

Reduce Costs

No doubt, you pay a price when you work with staff augmentation vendors. But that fee stands next to nothing when you factor in the ongoing expenses that you can save. Office rent, utility bills, equipment, the list is endless.

Be Flexible and Agile

The holiday season in your country might be the high productivity time in the international markets that you might deal in. And even in your local market, it is always advantageous to be able to offer services over the holiday when your competitors aren’t available with full force.

That’s when you can trust staff augmentation vendors to come to your immediate aid.

Work Your Way Around the Skill Gap

Cannot find the skills that you need in the local job market? Don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts as relocation expenses? Close the skill gap with staff augmentation. Don’t limit yourself to the local gems. Find pearls and probably diamonds from off the shore too.

Bridge Gaps Between Your Business Goals and Current Situations

You want to build an agile team with multiple skill sets and industry experts. That will take time. Don’t pause your business plans. While you are focusing on hiring the right team for your business goals, bridge the time gap with staff augmentation.

Things to Keep in Mind Availing Staff Augmentation Services?

So the benefits have finally lured you in. You are ready to avail staff augmentation services. You know that’s a stepping stone for your success.

But hold on.

Here are a few things that you need to consider beforehand.

  • Who has Intellectual Property Rights? Remote developers will be working for you as a full-time employee. They will get access to sensitive company data. Do you need an NDA in place?

  • The technical experts or IT developers you have onboard aren’t your employees on paper. But do you have any responsibility towards them?

  • Will you have to pay a flat monthly fee? Is the payment flexible?

At Sphinx Solutions, we believe in complete transparency. All these questions are discussed before you financially commit to us.

One meeting, and we’ll lay out all aspects of our collaboration on the table. Crystal clear.

What Should Be Your Next Step?


Finding staff augmentation companies is easy. Finding the right company is not.

You need transparency, trust, and true value. You need fair prices.  A responsible team. Multiple industry standard criteria need to be met.


And over and above all this, you need a partner that offers staff augmentation services that fit your needs.


That’s the first step we follow. Ascertaining the need of your business.

Staff augmentation is a successful model to expand your team. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


You need tailor-made solutions. Our staff augmentation solutions that are made for you and your team.


Schedule a consultation with our experts and see if we meet your needs. And then will figure out the most synergetic arrangement for prolonged partnership. 

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