Why Choose IIHM To Pursue Hospitality As A Career?

The hospitality industry has reached its pinnacle of success. It has developed into a promising industry as a result of the increase in employment prospects. Currently, there are about 187,000 hotels operating worldwide. If you are in search of the best hospitality colleges in India then IIHM-best culinary arts colleges in India might be the right place for you. The statistical data shows the hospitality industry’s boundless potential and goes beyond your greatest expectations. Data from Brandongaille show that one new job is created in the hotel industry every 2.5 seconds. If you do the arithmetic correctly, you’ll discover that there are typically 34000 job opportunities per day! So, if you are planning to pursue a career in hospitality then IIHM is a place for you as it is known as one of the best culinary arts colleges in India


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In a time when individuals are emphasizing management and engineering degrees more, hotel management has grown in popularity. You should look for an Advance Diploma in Culinary Arts in India to boost your skills and knowledge in the field of culinary arts if you want a bright career in this field. The expansion of hotel management institutions in India can be attributed to the fact that the sector is currently well-established and offers several opportunities. Top hotel management colleges in India like IIHM are the right place for aspirants wanting a bright career in this field. 


You might be wondering why we should concentrate on this discipline when a number of others also provide promising job prospects. 


A student may choose to participate in a hotel management school for a variety of reasons & one of them could be career or financial reasons, a love of cooking, a desire to work in a posh setting, or any other motivating factor that appeals to the student. The best culinary arts colleges in India like IIHM may help to bring out the best version of you in the respective field. 


Why Choose IIHM?



The largest chain of prestigious hospitality and hotel management institutes in India is the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), which started operations in Kolkata in 1994. The IIHM is a center of excellence and performance in the hotel sector that is recognized on a global scale which is the reason why it is k known as one of the top hotel management colleges in India


Global Alumni Network: The vast network of IIHM graduates acts as a strong endorsement and a true example for all students aspiring to careers in international hospitality. Students who are placed in the field are familiar with all of the world’s top universities, including IIT and IIM. Similarly to that, the wide network of alumni connects IIHM students with overseas postings. IIHM is one of the best culinary arts colleges in India that will help you out in polishing your skills in this field. 

One of the Top Hospitality & Tourism Colleges in India is IIHM, which has carved out a special place for itself. With its first-rate facilities, knowledgeable professors, and industry-relevant curriculum, IIHM equips students with all the tools they need to pursue successful careers in the hospitality sector. Enroll for an advanced diploma in culinary arts in India at IIHM if you’re seeking an institution that can give you the abilities and information required to excel in the international hospitality industry.

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